Kundalini for Beginners Workshop

with olya zimina

DATE: Saturday, June 17

TIME: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

COST: $25.00

Rhythmic movements, powerful breath patterns, and repeated mantras are the distinguishing features of the Kundalini yoga practice. Kundalini yoga is great for increasing focus, mental strength, and physical endurance. Aside from bringing great benefits to the physical health,  it teaches us to look inward, observe our body without judgment, and to heal and accept ourselves.

In this class you will learn the basics of this practice, try some of the techniques, and experience the way it works on the energies of the body.

Kundalini classes are fun and you are guaranteed to leave the class feeling recharged and rejuvenated. 

No yoga experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome!

Olya Zimina (Dass Shakti) is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She came across Kundalini Yoga about 6 years ago and it was love at first sight. After moving to the United States 5 years ago, Kundalini turned out to be a way to start her life anew, adapt to a new culture, and connect to an amazing community of people. Regular practice cured her chronic back pain. Most importantly, it gave her a whole new perspective about herself and the world. On the path to deeper self-awareness, Kundalini peels you like an onion, one layer after another. The result is the new version of YOU - more radiant, healthy, strong but still humble. Olya teaches classes at Marcela's Yoga Boutique. She has a warm personality, and enjoys sharing her love of yoga and meditation with others!