Restorative Yoga with Pranassage™

With Hope Hurlbrink

DATE: Saturday, January 27

TIME: 2:00 - 4:15 p.m.

COST: $35.00

Join us for an intimate practice that combines restorative yoga postures and Pranassage™ to bring deep relaxation to the body.

Restorative yoga is a style of yoga that eases our hearts and minds into being more present, open, and relaxed. This quiet practice utilizes props for support to facilitate the shift into deep relaxation. Pranassage™ is a creative synthesis of yoga and bodywork that produces deep relaxation in the receiver. The goal of both Pranassage™ and restorative yoga is relaxation so the pairing of the two practices is natural. Restorative yoga teaches us how to release, aided by the appropriate supports. Release is said to be the art of letting go.

Hope was drawn to the connected nature of Pranassage™ because it holds the simple and effective intention of deep relaxation. Incorporating her two practices of relaxation has become refined over the last two years of teaching and offering this unique bodywork experience.

In this two and a half hour workshop, we will incorporate a specific breathing technique to balance energies followed by a uniquely designed restorative and yin yoga flow. We change as the seasons change so come explore gentle ways to restore the digestive system and prepare for the fall season ahead.

To maximize intimacy and to allow each participant to have lengthy and personalized hands on Pranassage™ assists, the workshop is limited to 6 people. If you have any specific questions, e-mail Hope directly at

Hope ‘Akasha’ Hurlbrink is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) at the 500 hour level with Yoga Alliance. She has completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training at the internationally recognized Nosara Yoga Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica with her teachers Don and Amba Stapleton. She also completed 100 hours in Essential Nature Restorative Yoga with Jane Fryer at NYI, and now specializes in this gentle and deeply intimate practice. In addition to weekly classes and monthly specialized workshops, she offers private Pranassage™ sessions to clients who are interested in having a personal and relaxing yoga experience.

In addition to teaching restorative yoga and Self Awakening Yoga®, Hope has a deep, long time passion for Vinyasa yoga. Her flows are slow, strong, and empowering and she loves to have a mixed class where she can offer multiple variations of poses and shapes for different bodies. She believes that yoga is truly a practice of finding space, in the body, in the breath, and in the mind. Akasha, her Sanskrit name, translates to Ether, or infinite space and this is what she seeks to bring to her offerings; a sacred space to practice movement, breath, and mindful meditation. Her classes, while very intentional in their essence are also lighthearted in nature, leaving room for self-exploration. Her yoga is like her life, full of light, passion, and calm strength.

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