Due to popular demand, we are pleased to offer another Yin Yoga Workshop.

DATE: Sunday, April 24

TIME: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

COST: Donation-based

***All donations go to Give Back Yoga Foundation***
Marcela's Yoga Boutique has partnered with Give Back Yoga Foundation. This non-profit organization supports and funds certified yoga teachers to bring yoga and mindfulness techniques to under-served segments of the community. I am delighted to be a part of this, and hope you will join me in supporting this great cause!


Yin yoga is a slower-paced style of yoga. Yin poses are a series of passive floor poses that are typically held for 3-5 minutes. These poses enhance the range of motion in the joints by working beneath the superficial muscles to target the connective tissues of the body. The Yin approach to yoga works with the body in a deep and slow way through the practice of postures, breath, mental focus and awareness. This practice is gentle, yet challenging. Each pose is held for several minutes to liberate the body's chronic holding patterns, relieve pain, and help recapture ease of movement.

Yin Yoga is for all levels. Beginners are welcome!

Participants will come away with:

  • An explanation of basic yin yoga poses and how to safely practice them in the comfort of your own home.
  • An introduction of the concept of Yin and Yang within yoga, and how it relates to achieving balance in the body and mind.
  • An understanding of how to modify yin yoga poses.
  • An understanding of why yin yoga is an ideal complement to other types of activities (such as walking, running, cycling, resistance training, and even other styles of yoga).

*Treat yourself to a couple of hours to slow down, drop in and let go...


If you have already registered, donations will be accepted on the day of the workshop.

Thank you!